Small & Mid-Size $79.99…  Full Size $94.99 (Full size trucks, minivans, vans, Hummer, SUV)

  • We remove everything in the vehicle including floor-mats and treat the interior and trunk to a through vacuuming
  • Both the carpeting and floor mats (cloth seats if applicable) receive a pre-treatment on stains and then a thorough machine extraction
  • Using a neutralized interior shampoo we thoroughly scrub and clean door panels, center console, kick boards, dashboard, and vents. In some vehicles we remove the vents for deep cleaning
  • Apply a dressing to all interior plastic leaving a low sheen non greasy feel. This revives and UV protects plastic parts
  • Spot cleaned the headliner, visors, and seat belts
  • Leather is cleaned with a ph-balanced soap then treated with a Lanolin based conditioner so we bring elasticity back to leather leaving a non-greasy feel