Small & Mid-Size $79.99Full Size $94.99 (Full size trucks, minivans, vans, Hummer, SUV).

  • We begin with a through hand wash using high grade mitts, a ph balanced shampoo and De-ionized water
  • Next a citrus cleaner is used to remove road tar and pollution from the lower panels of the vehicle
  • Wheels, wheel wells and tires meticulously detailed
  • If needed; we apply a clay bar treatment to remove contamination on paint such as pollution, brake dust, etc. (aka fallout). This returns the paint to it’s original “smooth glass” feel and prepares the paint for final waxing
  • Door jams, trunk, and gas tank area detailed. Recondition all door seals
  • Condition and protect all exterior plastic and rubber trim
  • Windows, mirrors, and chrome are cleaned and polished to a spot and streak free shine
  • Machine applied Carnauba wax with an oscillating machine that polishes gently and consistently; it does not have the availability to leave swirls or harm the paint or trim
  • Final inspection with different brushes to ensure all cracks and crevices are completely detailed