Small & Mid-Size $160   Full Size $190 (Full size trucks, minivans, vans, Hummer, SUV).

Returns vehicle to showroom condition (recommended every 3-6 months)


  • We begin with a through hand wash using high grade mitts, a ph balanced shampoo and De-ionized water
  • Next a citrus cleaner is used to remove road tar and pollution from the lower panels of the vehicle
  • Wheels, wheel wells and tires meticulously detailed
  • If needed; we apply a clay bar treatment to remove contamination on paint such as pollution, brake dust, etc. (aka fallout). This returns the paint to it’s original “smooth glass” feel and prepares the paint for final waxing
  • Door jams, trunk, and gas tank area detailed. Recondition all door seals
  • Condition and protect all exterior plastic and rubber trim
  • Windows, mirrors, and chrome are cleaned and polished to a spot and streak free shine
  • Machine applied Carnauba wax with an oscillating machine that polishes gently and consistently; it does not have the availability to leave swirls or harm the paint or trim
  • Final inspection with different brushes to ensure all cracks and crevices are completely detailed


  • We remove everything in the vehicle including floor-mats and treat the interior and trunk to a thorough vacuuming
  • Both the carpeting and floor mats (cloth seats if applicable) receive a pre-treatment on stains and then a thorough machine extraction
  • Using a neutralized interior shampoo we thoroughly scrub and clean door panels, center console, kick boards, dashboard, and vents. In some vehicles we remove the vents for deep cleaning
  • Apply a dressing to all interior plastic leaving a low sheen non greasy feel. This revives and UV protects plastic parts
  • Headliner spot cleaned visors, and seat belts
  • Leather is cleaned with a ph-balanced soap then treated with a Lanolin based conditioner so we bring elasticity back to leather leaving a non-greasy feel

Optional Services to Compliment a SHARP DETAIL

  •  Engine bay detail $35
  • 3 step polish

First we use an extra cut rubbing compound to remove scratches and oxidation. Second we use a glaze to remove swirls and light scratches. Last and most detailed application is application and removal of Carnauba Wax. $80-100 depending of vehicle size.


  • Polymer Paint Sealant $35

This polymer-based formulation provides extra-durable paint protection. A unique blend of polymers, resins, silicones and imported waxes provides exceptional durability up to 5 months! Polymer Paint Sealant takes place of Carnauba Wax.


  • 3M Scotchguard $10

Gives fabric repellency to help protect against spills and stains.

  • Deodorizer $35

If your vehicle has an odor you want to eliminate, our deodorizing system can do the job, and give you a clean and fresh smelling car.

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