Small & Mid-Size $34 Full Size $39 (Full size trucks, minivans, vans, Hummer, SUV).

This is our interior exterior wash.

  • Pressure wash exterior using Ph balanced soap to entire surface of your vehicle from roof to rubber. No area goes un-cleaned.
  • Dress all exterior plastic to protect from UV ray
  • Spray Wax for a quick gloss and protection
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned inside and out
  • Dust off all interior and thorough vacuum moving seats and picking up mats for deep cleaning. Extra attention to center console and cup-holder area.
  • Dress interior dash and panels optional at no additional charge. Non greasy formula.

Multiple car discount is available for this service. We can also establish an account with your homeowners or commercial property to provide service to others.

Results may vary due to wear, additional fees may be required to some vehicles and are quoted (if necessary) prior to service.